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received with thanks 中文

最常見 (O)Thank you for your email. (謝謝你) (O)Thanks for responding so quickly to my request. (謝謝你這麼快回覆) 較正式 (O)This is to confirm that I have received

Thanks for responding so quickly to my request. 謝謝你這麼快回覆。較正式的回覆可以用: This is to confirm that I have received your email. 確認已收到您的郵件。This is to acknowledge receipt of your email. 確認已收到您的郵件。We have already received your

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其實“Well received”的意思是某件事物獲得良好反應或正評,如形容受歡迎的電影和書本為“A well-received movie/book”。. 故此表達收到電郵,另有正確寫法。. O Received with thanks. 收到電郵,感謝。. O Well noted. 知悉了。. O Noted with thanks. 已知悉,感謝來郵。. Email

很多人在收到 email 習慣回覆" Well received with thanks "。 以為這樣是「我收到了,謝謝」。加了一個 well 在 receive 之前,好像是表達感激並告訴對方,這信我已讀過了。 這句話在外國人看來並不是「已讀」。 先來看看字典上的解釋 His speech was well

It’s certainly not rude. Your boss would appreciate it. However, it sounds slightly not natural. Noted. Thanks! Or Noted. Thanks very much. sound more natural. noted with thanks is perfectly understandable but not how a native would generally respond. When I read these questions I sure wish I could give more explanation as to why something sounds more natural than something else.

我們最常見到在商業英文email裡的一個錯誤句子: “Thanks for your kindly reminder.” (謝謝你的善意提醒。)或類似句子: “Thanks for your kindly help.” (謝謝別人好意幫忙。) 這兩句都有文法的小錯誤,但很多人說,聽起來很順,很多人都這樣寫。

received的中文意思:[ ri’si:vd ] adj.被容納的,被接收的,被公認的;標準的。 R- ,查閱received的詳細中文翻譯、發音、用法和例句等。

Noted with thanks、Well Received 、with regards to 好心!你還在用這些錯誤的英文寫 Email?笑死人咯!- 鐵飯網 | | 全馬首個中英文求職招聘網站 老師教你英文,但沒教你如何用在Email里?這些錯誤用詞,你肯定用過! – 鐵飯網 |

acknowledged with thanks. from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 1 ) acknowledged with gratitude. similar ( 8 ) By A. H. Feller and Geoffrey T. Hellman The New Yorker, July 2 , 1949P. 13 The following bulletin-board notices were tacked up in the Queen Mary near the end of a recent crossing: The Captain acknowledges with thanks the receipt

Your insights and summary are beneficial. #2 Thank you for sending me the information. It was exactly what we needed and allows me to move on with my part of this project. #3 We have received the information you sent in the mail. The book about eating whole, unprocessed foods has been interesting.

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Well received = “我收到了”? 在國內,很多朋友在收到電郵后,喜歡用"Well received with thanks"作為回覆。 以為這樣是指“我收到了,謝謝”。加了一個well在receive之前,好像是表達感激并告訴對方,這信我已讀過了。然而,這句話在外國人看來并不是指“已讀”。

比方這一段: Dear XXX, Your messages attached with the certificates are duly received with many thanks. Thanks + Best Regards. 其實我也可以很簡單地寫: “confirm received and thanks” 就好, 但同一個對象, 人家寫的文情並茂, 洋洋灑灑, 我一直給人家回這一句, 看起來就很沒禮貌! 如果臨時要我寫

thanks的中文翻譯_百度翻譯 well noted with thanks 非常感謝 received with thanks的中文翻譯_ 百度翻譯 received with thanks 收到,謝謝 全部釋義和例句試試人工翻譯 已贊過 已踩過 你對這個回答的評價是? 評論 收起 為你推薦: 特別推薦 人的意識如何產生

常用於感謝的單字 – Thank you 與 Appreciate. 1. 使用錯誤率較低的 “Thank you”. 【Thank 人 “ for ” + 要感謝的事物】. ① Thank you for your kind assistance. 感謝您的協助。. ② Thank you for the support to our company. 感謝您對本公司的支持。. ③ Thank you for correcting my errors in the report.

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咨詢個簡單的英文郵件問題哈~糾結了我挺長時間了. 回外國老板的郵件,表示"收到,明白",有禮貌一些專業一些最好~ 我常常回復"Geti it." 或者"OK "總感覺不太禮貌。 回答"Well received"可以嗎? 各位前輩有沒有什么比較好的意見阿?

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